Buffalo Boys, St. Marys Girls Break Class A 4x800m Relay State Meet Records

St. Marys State Champion 4 x 800m relay leg - Rollie Jacobs Photo
In the Class A Boys, the Buffalo High School boys 4x800m relay team of (Isaiah Robinson, Evan Childers, Jonathan Torman, and Dylan Rich) repeat as State Champions. They also broke the Class A Boys State Meet Record in this event in a time of 8:09.05. The previous State Meet Record was held by Doddridge County High School of (Troy Wilsoncroft, Levi Grandt, Jason Oldaker, David Orejuela)
back in 2005 in a time of 8:21.58.
This was a two team battle between the defending State Champions (the Buffalo Bisons of Putnam County) and St. Marys High School. The Bisons came into this meet as the early favorites having won last year's State Meet and having posted the best time of 8:23.54 during this year's Regionals.
First leg, St. Marys took the early lead by the narrowest of margins running 57 seconds for 400 meters and 2:07 at 800 meters. Second leg, at the exchange, Evan Childers of Buffalo, took over the lead and came through 1200 meters in 3:01 and 1600 meters in 4:02. Third leg, Buffalo's Jonathan Torman maintained the Bisons lead at 2000 meters in 5:06, but it would be St. Marys who would regain the lead and come through 2400 meters in 6:10. On the final leg, Buffalo's Dylan Rich would close the gap and follow closely on the heels of St. Marys Jordan Whitehair who came through 2800 meters in 7:11. On the gun lap, Rich made his move with just 200 meters to go. St. Marys tried to make one last surge with 100 meters to go, but Rich was just too strong finishing in 8:09.05. Rich came into the State Meet having run a season best of 1:57 in the 800 meter run. St. Marys High School finished in a close second and under the previous State Meet Record in 8:10.53. Charleston Catholic High School was third in 8:29.76, Doddridge High School was fourth in 8:48.21, Williamstown High School was fifth just being edged out in 8:48.22, and Tucker County High School was sixth in 9:01.65.
Others competing: Pendleton County, Pocahontas County, Clay-Battelle, Fayetteville, Bishop Donahue, Madonna, Wahama, Gilmer County, Richwood, South Harrison.
Buffalo's 8:09.05 ranks them 9th on the AA-A Boys All Time Top Ten State Meet List.
In the Class A Girls, the St. Marys High School 4 x 800m relay team of (Ali Johnson, Oliva Taylor, Beverly Knight, Maggie Drazba) won the State Championship after only placing third at last year's State Meet. They also broke the Class A Girls State Meet Record in this event in 9:48.85. The previous State Meet Record was held by Charleston Catholic High School of (Anna Fragale, Nora Sheridan, Kim Abcouwer, Caitlin Miller) back in 2005 in a time of 9:50.22.
This was also a two team battle between Williamstown High School and St. Marys High School. The Jackets came into this meet having posted the best time at Regionals in 10:37.35 compared to St. Marys 10:50.90.
First leg, Charleston Catholic would come through 400 meters in 1:12, followed closely by St. Marys and Willamstown. St.Marys and Williamstown would be tied at 800 meters in 2:25. Second leg, St. Marys was 1st and Williamstown was 2nd coming through 1200 meters in 3:37 and 1600 meters in 4:58 with Charleston Catholic falling 60 yards back. Third leg, both teams still battling with St. Marys still 1st and Williamstown 2nd coming through 2000 meters in 6:14 and 2400 meters in 7:27. Fourth leg, St. Marys distance standout, Maggie Drazba, opened up a 50 meter lead coming through 2800 meters in 8:34 and 3200 meters in 9:48.85. Williamstown High School finished second in 10:05.43, Charleston Catholic High School was third in 10:26.50, Gilmer County High School was fourth in 10:29.61, Tucker County High School was fifth in 10:52.50, and Trinity Christian High School finished sixth in 10:58.21.
Others competing were: Wirt County, Madonna, Wheeling Central Catholic, Richwood, Pendleton County, Doddridge County, Buffalo, South Harrison, Fayetteville, and Cameron.
St. Marys 9:48.85 ranks them 5th on the AA-A Girls All Time Top Ten State Meet List.
WV Runners would like to congratulate the Buffalo boys & St. Marys girls for breaking the Class A 4x800m relay State Meet Records!