Mountain Top Speed Summit 2021

Morgantown, WV

Meet Information

Meet Time: 12pm - 9pm (Mylan Park Track and Field Complex)

Entry Details

Regular Entry closes at Midnight EST on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Individual Events: $15 per event
Relays: $40 per relay
All entries must be done online at and paid via credit card. (Plus Paypal 3% processing fee) There are no limits in entries,we will be verifying all times to ensure seeding is properly done. We would prefer to have no "NT" seeds so that we can seed this entire meet and give legitimate estimated time schedules.

A reminder to coaches: This is an ENTRY fee and not a competition fee.Paid entries take priority of unpaid ones regardless of seed times and marks.


COVID-19 Protocols:

Meet and facility management will be following CDC and State guidelines for hosting the 2021 event. This means there will be face mask requirements and assigned spots for spectators coming to this event. This section will be updated as more information is available for how to proceed with an outdoor sporting event.

Mask requirements: All spectators and coaches will need to be wearing a mask at all times. This is a private event so if you choose not to wear a mask you are welcome to enjoy our event from the comforts of your own home and watch the live stream.

Athlete mask requirements: All athletes will need to keep a mask on until their section is next on the track. That means once they enter the building they will need a mask on and to keep it on until their section is the next on the track. They will not have to race with it on, but after the race will need to put it on and exit soon thereafter.

All Spectator Tickets $15

(Purchase at the stadium)

Teams: Will receive two coaches passes

Unattached athletes: Will receive one coach pass

If you need any assistance with the meet please contact our Meet Director Melonie Barrow at

Tentative Schedule (as of 4/14/2021):

TimesField Events
3 attempts, top 9 advance to finals
12:00 PMBoys shot put, girls discus, girls high jump,
1:00 PMBoys Pole Vault
2:00 PMGirls shot put, boys discus, boys high jump
2:00 PMBoys long jump, girls long jump
4:00 PMGirls Pole Vault
4:30 PMBoys triple jump, girls triple jump
TimesRunning Events
12:00 PMGirls 100 hurdle Trials
12:20 PMBoys 110 hurdle Trials
12:45 PMGirls 100 meter Trials
1:00 PMBoys 100 meter Trials
1:20 PMGirls 1600 meters
1:50 PMBoys 1600 meters
2:15 PMGirls 400 meters
2:45 PMBoys 400 meters
3:15 PMGirls 4x100m relay
3:30 PMBoys 4x100m relay
4:15 PMGirls 100 meter Finals
4:20 PMBoys 100 meter Finals
4:30 PMGirls 100 hurdle Finals
4:40 PMBoys 110 hurdle Finals
4:50 PMGirls 800 meters
5:20 PMBoys 800 meters
6:00 PMGirls 400 Hurdles
6:15 PMBoys 400 Hurdles
6:30 PMGirls 200 meters
7:00 PMBoys 200 meters
7:20 PMGirls 3200 meters
7:45 PMBoys 3200 meters
8:10 PMGirls 4x400 Relay
8:30 PMBoys 4x400m Relay